Program Partners & Contributors

Measures for Justice is grateful to the organizations and people who partner with us to achieve our mission.

  • Name: ACLU Arizona
  • Name: Andrew Warren
    Title: State Attorney, Hillsborough, FL.
  • Name: Besiki Kutateladze
    Title: Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Florida International University
  • Name: Boaz Witbeck
    Title: Americans for Prosperity, Arizona
  • Name: Bob Weisberg
    Title: Edwin E Huddleson, Jr Professor of Law; Faculty Co-Director, Stanford Criminal Justice Center
  • Name: Branden DuPont
    Title: Data Analyst/Legal and Policy Research
  • Name: Carey Haughwout
    Title: Public Defender, Palm Beach County
  • Name: Carlos Martinez
    Title: Chief Public Defender (Miami-Dade)
  • Name: Chelsea Murphy
    Title: Right on Crime
  • Name: Christian Gossett
    Title: District Attorney, Winnebago County
  • Name: Chrstine Soto DeBerry
    Title: Chief of Staff, San Francisco District Attorney's Office
  • Name: Council of State Governments Justice Center
  • Name: Dan Satterberg
    Title: King County Prosecuting Attorney
  • Name: Daniel F. Wilhelm
    Title: Senior Fellow at Vera Institute of Justice
  • Name: Deborrah Brodsky
    Title: Director, FSU Project on Accountable Justice
  • Name: Don Stemen
    Title: Associate Director and Chairperson, Dept. of Criminal Justice and Criminology, Loyola University Chicago
  • Name: George Gascon
    Title: Fomer District Attorney, San Francisco
  • Name: Jeff Karpel
    Title: Owner/Software Architect, Karpel Solutions
  • Name: Jeffrey Reisig
    Title: District Attorney, Yolo County, CA
  • Name: Jennifer Loyless
    Title: Program Coordinator Office of the Public Defender Palm Beach County
  • Name: John Chisholm
    Title: District Attorney, Milwaukee County
  • Name: Justina Elmore
    Title: Outreach Librarian, Social Sciences, Outreach, Learning, and Research Services, University of Rochester Library
  • Name: Keith Finlay
    Title: CJARS
  • Name: Ken Burke
    Title: Pinellas County (FL), Clerk of Court
  • Name: Kim Ball
    Title: Director, Justice Programs Office, American University
  • Name: Kurt Klomberg
    Title: District Attorney, Dodge County
  • Name: Maria McKee
    Title: Former Director of Research and Evaluation, San Francisco District Attorney's Office
  • Name: Mark Culkins
    Title: Court Administrator, Superior Court of California, San Francisco County
  • Name: Mike Mueller-Smith
    Title: CJARS
  • Name: Mike Poche
    Title: Chief of Staff, Florida House Judiciary Committee
  • Name: National Center for State Courts
  • Name: Nikki Alvarez-Sowles, Esq.
    Title: Pasco County (FL), Clerk of Court
  • Name: Paul James
    Title: Chief Public Defender Forsythe County
  • Name: Rochester Data Science Consortium
  • Name: Ronald Wright
    Title: Wake Forest University, Needham Yancey Gulley Professor of Criminal Law
  • Name: Stanford Criminal Justice Center
  • Name: Stephen Shadegg
    Title: Americans for Prosperity, Arizona
  • Name: Stuart Jordan
    Title: Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Rochester
  • Name: Susan Katzenelson
    Title: Former Director, NC Sentencing and Policy Commission
  • Name: Tara Anderson
    Title: Policy Director, San Francisco District Attorney's Office
  • Name: Tom Reed
    Title: Public Defender, Milwaukee County
  • Name: Troy Rawlings
    Title: Davis County D.A.
  • Name: Hayley Munir
    Title: Assistant Professor of Political Science, Albright College
  • Name: Akerman, LLP
    Title: MFJ is thankful for Akerman, LLP's pro bono legal research services underlying many states' information in the "What are the Laws" section of the State of the Data microsite.