Our Partners

The MFJ Commons is all about trust and transparency.
Above all else, it's about collaboration.

Thank you to everyone who's helping bring Commons to life in communities nationwide.

  • Allison Pritchard
    ITX Product Manager
  • Austin Hursh
    ITX Scrum Master
  • Claudia Ibarra
    DOJ Representative, Catholic Charities, Yolo-Solano
  • Daniele Schlehofer
    Yolo County
  • Dario Diaz
    ITX QA Analyst
  • David Labahn
    President/CEO, Association of Prosecuting Attorneys
  • David Robbins
    Yolo County
  • Diana Casale
    ITX Director of Product Innovation
  • Diane Ortiz
    Deputy District Attorney, Yolo County
  • Facundo Bravi
    ITX Front End Developer
  • Gabriel 'Jack' Chin
    Edward L. Barrett Chair & Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Legal Education, UC Davis School of Law
  • Gladys Mitchell
    Yolo Multi-Cultural Community Council
  • Jeff Karpel
    Owner / Software Architect, Karpel Solutions
  • Jeff Reisig
    District Attorney, Yolo County
  • Jenny Tan
    Public Information Officer, Yolo County
  • Jesse Ortiz
    Yolo County Superintendent of Schools (Retired)
  • Jonathan Gacioch
    ITX Director of Product Innovation
  • Jonathan Raven
    Chief Deputy District Attorney, Yolo County
  • Josh Crocker
    ITX Engagement Lead
  • Judith MacBrine
    Davis Police Accountability Commission
  • Julea Shaw
    PhD. Student, UC Davis
  • Kevin Skaife
    Lieutenant, Yolo County
  • Kyle Gohn
    Program Developer, Yolo County
  • Larry Love
    Pastor, Woodland Christian Church
  • Laura Conover
    Pima County Attorney
  • Laura Juanitas
    Associate Superintendent Student Support Services, Davis Joint Unified School District
  • Martha Wais
    Deputy District Attorney, Yolo County
  • Mary C. Bliss
    Davis Police Accountability Commission
  • Matt DeMoura
    Deputy District Attorney, Yolo County
  • Matthew Bernius
    Principal User Researcher, Code for America
  • Michael Lesher
    ITX Software Architect
  • Michael Thone
    ITX Interaction Designer
  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson Consulting
  • Michelle Vermette
    Juvenile Services Supervisor, Yolo County Probation
  • Mikaela Rabinowitz
    Director of Research, San Francisco District Attorney's Office
  • Morgan Poindexter
    Researcher, Yolo People Power
  • Paul Gebel
    ITX Director of Product Management
  • Rodrigo Sobisch
    ITX Front End Developer
  • Ryan Couzens
    Deputy District Attorney, Yolo County
  • Schuyler Ogren
    ITX Executive Assistant
  • Sean Flaherty
    ITX EVP of Innovation
  • Stephanie Novelli
    Yolo County
  • Steve Mount
    Former Deputy District Attorney, Yolo County
  • Tessa Smith
    Yolo Multi-Cultural Community Council
  • Will Ferrier
    Innovation Manager
  • Zack Kane
    ITX Product Manager
In addition, thank you to all of MFJ's funders who support our work and Commons in particular.We do our best to recognize our valued supporters as they wish to be named. If you have any questions or concerns, please  contact us.


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