Legal Context
DescriptionWe recommend interpreting this Measure together with "Nonviolent Misdemeanors Sentenced to Jail" and "Length of Imposed Jail Sentence: Nonviolent Felonies." There are many factors that could affect a county's results on this Measure. The data presented here are intended to show general patterns and to highlight areas that might need further investigation.
CalculationMiddle point in the distribution of jail sentence lengths (in days) imposed on nonviolent misdemeanor cases in ??? - undefined where the defendant did not have convictions in that state in the prior three years.
ExclusionsFelonies; violent misdemeanors; cases filed in undefined, ??? and ???; cases declined for prosecution; open cases or cases with unknown disposition at the time of data extraction; cases dismissed; cases with pretrial diversion; cases where the defendant was acquitted at trial; cases transferred to another jurisdiction; cases involving defendants with convictions in the prior three years; cases where the most severe sentence did not include jail; and cases where the defendant was sentenced to jail but received time served credit for the full length of the jail sentence imposed.