Jail Capacity Utilization
Measures the average daily jail population per jail capacity of the county's facility with the most annual admissions that reported to the BJS Census of Jails in 2013.
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Jail Capacity Utilization
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Measures for Justice (2020).Measures for Justice Data Portal.(Data Release: 2.3.10).Retrieved from https://www.measuresforjustice.org on 6/7/2020.

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Release Date: 3/15/2020Version: 2.3.10 (release history)


  1. Jail population statistics are reported for the jail that had the most annual admissions in the county, and that reported to the BJS Census of Jails in 2013. This is done to capture capacity and utilization for the facility in the county with the greatest number of admissions and to allow for comparison of facilities most used in each jurisdiction. It also reduces the incidence of over or underestimating utilization through the capturing of multiple facilities with different rates, or the addition of the capacity of a regional facility serving multiple counties to a local facility reporting to the census with a greater number of admissions. For clarity, the name of the facility for which values are reported is also provided.