Products, Services & Research

Data can be overwhelming. Even if you have good data, it’s often hard to act on them. So we’re developing tools and services and conducting research that will make it easier. All of this work is happening as we speak, so consider this just a preview of what’s to come.


Commons is a co-created space for the community, police, prosecutors, and courts to make criminal justice data transparent & shared goals public. Our pilot site in Yolo County, California will let prosecutors share specific data points with their communities, track progress on signature goals like increasing diversions, and track cost savings and historic trends.

Data Tools

The right tool can be the difference between data that change lives and data that just sit around. So in addition to our Data Portal, we’re developing stand-alone tools tailored to the needs of specific stakeholders.

Text-based Offense Classification Tool (toc)

As announced at the Annual Society of Criminology 2021 conference, toc is a tool designed to harmonize criminal justice offense codes across datasets, and across jurisdictions for analysis. When working with datasets containing thousands of rows of cases, each with its own unique charge description associated with it, toc is a game changer. The tool is a collaboration between the University of Michigan Criminal Justice Administrative Records System and Measures for Justice.


There’s a lot of work to be done around understanding data, improving data collection and recording, and just getting the criminal justice system up to speed with other civic institutions that routinely use data to self-monitor. We offer services that can help like:

Data Fellows

Who can help county agencies comply with new legislation and standards, or just to improve data collection and recording practices.

Data Landscape Assessments

MFJ can assess a state’s data infrastructure, including laws and regulations for criminal justice data, data use and culture, and the quality and availability of state data, and make recommendations.

General Consulting

MFJ can work with state and local criminal justice agencies to provide a variety of services related to data collection, analysis, interpretation, etc. This includes developing performance measures, establishing data standards, creating data dashboards, and more.

Research & Publications

Having amassed an enormous body of data, we are now building out our research offering to look at key issues in criminal justice and to work with policy makers and practitioners to evaluate specific criminal justice reform efforts.