Delaware - - Where do criminal justice data live in your state?


Delaware court records are publicly accessible. Corrections records are not. Criminal history records may be obtained, with limitations, for research purposes, subject to agency approval.

Where do criminal justice data live in your state?

Criminal History Data

The Delaware State Police State Bureau of Identification (SBI) serves as the state’s criminal history information repository. Though not intended for public data distribution, the SBI reviews data requests in accordance with the Delaware Freedom of Information Act.

Court Data

Delaware’s Superior Courts are the state’s trial courts of general jurisdiction, hearing felony cases and nearly all cases involving drug offenses. Below the Superior Courts, the Delaware Courts of Common Pleas have jurisdiction over all criminal misdemeanors, excluding those cases involving certain drug offenses. A third court type, Justice of the Peace Courts, hears select misdemeanors and most motor vehicle cases. Case processing information is reported centrally to the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and made available to the public via the online CourtConnect Judicial Case Database. In addition, the AOC publishes annual statistics and various reports related to court operations.

Corrections Data

The Central Offender Records (COR) unit at the Delaware Department of Correction (DOC) maintains the Delaware Automated Correction System (DACS) which includes case level information on every individual sentenced to the supervision of the state. Since Delaware has a unified corrections system, this includes individuals sentenced to one of the four state prisons, as well as those confined to community corrections.

Other Known Data Sources

The Delaware Criminal Justice Information System (DELJIS) is the state agency tasked with overseeing the development and operation of the state’s Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS). Efforts to integrate Delaware’s criminal justice systems began around 1982 with the creation of DELJIS and implementation took off several years after with the merging of the DOC’s case management system the law enforcement computerized criminal history (CCH) database. State officials report that, as of 2021, the CJIS contains over 10 million charge records, and declare Delaware as the only state with a fully integrated, statewide criminal justice data system. Agencies and individuals can apply for access to the CJIS via DELJIS.
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