Indiana - - Where do criminal justice data live in your state?


Criminal history, corrections, and court records are all public record to some extent. Bulk dissemination is available for court records.

Where do criminal justice data live in your state?

Criminal History Data

The Indiana State Police (ISP) oversees the state’s criminal history data repository, the Indiana Data and Communications System (IDACS). Select Indiana criminal justice agencies are granted access to the system, which interfaces with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) system, as well as the International Justice and Public Safety Network (NLETS) system. A committee, appointed by the superintendent of the ISP, is charged with managing the storage of and access to this information.

Court Data

The Indiana Office of Court Services (IOCS), established by the Supreme Court in 2016, is charged with carrying out the statutory responsibilities of multiple state-level judicial agencies, including the Indiana Judicial Center and the Division of State Court Administration. These responsibilities include managing the state’s effort to centralize case information from Indiana’s more than 400 trial courts. As of 2018, the centralized case management system, Odyssey, housed data for roughly two-thirds of the county courts; however, courts have been steadily transitioning since the program’s pilot in 2010, with four additional counties scheduled to join in 2020. There are several other case management systems implemented by those courts that have not transitioned to the centralized system, notably, Computer Systems, Inc. (CSI). While the IOCS maintains authority to deny requests for data from the decentralized systems, approval is ultimately required by the clerk from each of these courts.

Corrections Data

The Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) collects and maintains data on all individuals incarcerated in the state’s correctional institutions, including adult and youth facilities. IDOC’s Division of Data Science and Analytics analyzes the data and generates several annual reports for the public, including statistical data on prison populations, admissions and releases, and recidivism rates. Additionally, when departmental resources allow, IDOC works with researchers to conduct their own independent analyses.

Other Known Data Sources

In addition to these consolidated databases, the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council (IPAC) maintains a statewide case management system called Prosecutor Case Management System (PCMS) for those offices who choose to implement it. The PCMS links with the IDACS maintained by the State Police, serving as its primary source of criminal history information. As of 2012, 87 of the 91 Indiana prosecutors offices used the PCMS and even those decentralized counties employed systems that interfaced with the PCMS, allowing for the statewide exchange of prosecutorial data. At the local level, each city or county collects its own criminal justice data to some extent. These include 92 sheriffs offices, each heading a county jail facility. As of 2008, there are 361 local police departments throughout Missouri that employ at least one full-time officer, each collecting its own arrest data to some extent.
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