Missouri - - Where do criminal justice data live in your state?


Very little criminal justice information in Missouri is accessible through public records avenues and Missouri record sealing laws make any information about arrests, charges, or detentions that don't result in a conviction inaccessible, even for research or statistical purposes.

Where do criminal justice data live in your state?

Criminal History Data

The Missouri Highway Patrol (MSHP) maintains Missouri’s central repository of criminal records. This includes felony and misdemeanor arrests, charges, and dispositions submitted by court clerks, prosecutors, police departments, sheriffs, and department of corrections from across the state.

Court Data

The Missouri Office of the State Court Administrator (OSCA) maintains felony and misdemeanor criminal defendant and case processing information from filing to resolution for Missouri’s 46 judicial districts spanning across 115 jurisdictions.

Corrections Data

The Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC) maintains information on individuals currently and previously under the supervision of corrections. This includes people who are or have been incarcerated or field-supervised on probation and/or parole.

Other Known Data Sources

The Missouri State Public Defender (MSPD) maintains case, defendant, and charge information related to the state’s indigent defense clients. In addition to these statewide data systems, each local city or county collects its own data to some extent. These include 115 sheriffs’ offices, two county-run jail facilities, and 115 prosecutors across Missouri’s 114 counties and independent city of St. Louis. While not a state unified system, most of the county prosecutors utilize the same case-management system. As of 2008, there are 430 local police departments throughout Missouri that employ at least one full-time officer, each collecting its own arrest data to some extent. Law enforcement in the state utilize a variety of different case-management systems, which allow them to track citations, arrests, booking, and releases.
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