Alabama - - What are the laws governing criminal justice data collection and sharing in your state?


Most important criminal justice data are either not accessible, require agency approval to access or required agency approval to receive in bulk.

Relevant criminal justice data laws

Alabama Public Records Law (PRL) (Ala. Code 36-12-40), creates a presumptive right of access to nearly all types of writings of state agencies and applies to all branches of government. Notably, Alabama public records access is fragmented and not supported by typical statutory construction around timelines for public records access or appeals process. Access to criminal history information is governed by statute relating to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, which excludes this information from public disclosure requirements of PRL. Access to bulk court records is governed by Alabama Rule of Judicial Administration 33. Department of Corrections records are accessible under the state’s scant public record law.

Privileged information, sharing with non-authorized government agencies is criminalized.
Bulk records requests require approval from state agency and are subject to a fee
All requests for records, individual or compiled, are subject to discretionary release and subject to mandatory fees.
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