Connecticut - - Has your state passed any recent criminal justice data legislation?


Conviction information is public record, from most agencies who hold it. Nonconviction information is more tightly regulated, though there are avenues of access for research or other purposes, but conflicting statues may impede understanding and access.

SB 880: Increasing Fairness and Transparency


This bill requires prosecutors to report detailed, individual level data for all defendants, including data on demographics, case processing, and case outcomes. Data must be reported on an annual basis to the State Department of Criminal Justice and the Office of Policy Management.

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Senator - Martin Looney
Democrat, SD-011
Senator - Robert Duff
Democrat, SD-025
Representative - Joseph Aresimowicz
Democrat, HD-030
Representative - Matthew Ritter
Democrat, HD-001
Representative - Geraldo Reyes
Democrat, HD-075
Representative - Edwin Vargas
Democrat, HD-006
Representative - Bobby Gibson
Democrat, HD-015
Representative - Michael Winkler
Democrat, HD-056
Representative - Joshua Hall
Democrat, HD-007
Representative - Peter Tercyak
Democrat, HD-026
Representative - Jillian Gilchrest
Democrat, HD-018
Representative - David Michel
Democrat, HD-146
Representative - Rick Lopes
Democrat, HD-024
Representative - Steven Stafstrom
Democrat, HD-129
Representative - Robyn Porter
Democrat, HD-094
Representative - Maria Horn
Democrat, HD-064
Representative - Kenneth Gucker
Democrat, HD-138
Representative - Bob Godfrey
Democrat, HD-110
Representative - Toni Walker
Democrat, HD-093
Representative - Patricia Miller
Democrat, HD-145
Representative - Hilda Santiago
Democrat, HD-084
Representative - Pat Wilson Pheanious
Democrat, HD-053
Representative - Matt Blumenthal
Democrat, HD-147
Senator - Norman Needleman
Democrat, SD-033
Senator - Catherine Osten
Democrat, SD-019
Senator - George Logan
Republican, SD-017
Senator - Alexandra Kasser
Democrat, SD-036
Representative - Brandon McGee
Democrat, HD-005
Senator - Julie Kushner
Democrat, SD-024
Democrat - Carlo Leone
Senator, SD-027
Senator - Derek Slap
Democrat, SD-005
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