Georgia - - Has your state passed any recent criminal justice data legislation?


Criminal history, court records, and corrections records are all public information in the state, but access is limited by lack of centralization of court records and rules that require criminal history information to be sourced from local agencies across the state rather than the central repository.

SB 407: Criminal Justice System


Senate Bill 407 was enacted to support comprehensive criminal justice reform and the advancement of data exchange between criminal justice entities. This bill established the Criminal Case Data Exchange Board under the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council to create a centralized database to enhance access and transferring criminal case data for law enforcement, prosecutors, public defenders, and private attorneys.

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Senator - Brian Strickland
Republican, SD-017
Senator - Larry Walker
Republican, SD-020
Senator - Jesse Stone
Republican, SD-023
Senator - Butch Miller
Republican, SD-049
Senator - P.K. Martin
Republican, SD-009
Senator - John Kennedy
Republican, SD-018
Representative - Chuck Efstration
Republican, HD-104
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