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Criminal history, corrections, and court records are all public record to some extent. Bulk dissemination is available for court records.

HB 1189: Crime Reporting Requirements


House Bill 1189 amended the Indiana Code concerning public safety. Pursuant to HB 1189, law enforcement agencies were required to provide criminal justice data to the Indiana State Police, in addition to participating in a statewide uniform crime report program with the National Incident Based Reporting System. This bill also amended the annual requirement for the criminal justice data division of the state police department to submit crime statistic reports to the governor, whereby the division was directed to report on a semiannual basis.

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Representative - David Ober
Republican, HD-082
Representative - Earl Harris
Democrat, HD-002
Senator - John Ruckelshaus
Republican, SD-030
Senator - Blake Doriot
Republican, SD-012
Senator - Susan Glick
Republican, SD-013
Senator - Greg Taylor
Democrat, SD-033
Senator - Lonnie Randolph
Democrat, SD-002
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