Montana - - Has your state passed any recent criminal justice data legislation?

HB 543: Misdemeanor Expungement Clarification Act


Known as the “Misdemeanor Expungement Clarification Act," HB 543 revised eligibility, procedure, and rulemaking authority related to expungement of misdemeanor records. Pursuant to this bill, a person convicted of one or more misdemeanor offenses who did not have their records expunged under Montana Code, is eligible to petition a district court for an order requiring the expungement of all records of arrest, investigation, detention, and court proceedings related to the misdemeanor offense or offenses.

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SB 59: Criminal Justice Laws


Senate Bill 59 pertained to the general revision of criminal justice laws. Most notably, this bill created an oversight council to monitor and report the effects of criminal justice legislation in the state of Montana. SB 59 required the oversight council to review legislative recommendations of the Commission on Sentencing, and oversee implementation and compliance. As indicated, the oversight council would request, compile and assess data collected from criminal justice entities relative to commission recommendations and report performance outcomes directly to the governor and legislature.

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