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New Hampshire

New Hampshire makes obtaining criminal justice information difficult. There are restrictions on public access and bulk dissemination of all record types.

HB 399: Procedure for Annulment


House Bill 399 establishes a procedure for the annulment (i.e expungement) of arrests and convictions related to the possession of marijuana. As such, any person who was arrested or convicted, prior to September 16, 2017 for the possession of ¾ ounce or less of marijuana is eligible to petition for annulment. Per procedure, petitions for annulment are to be submitted to the court in which conviction or arrest record occurred. The applicant must provide the office of the prosecutor a copy of the submitted petition, whereupon the prosecutor may object within 10 days of receipt and request a hearing. If no objections are filed within 10 days, HB 399 permits the court grant a petition for annulment, effective January 1, 2020.

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Representative - Robert Cushing
Democrat, HD-21-ROC
Representative - David Welch
Republican, HD-13-ROC
Representative - Ellen Read
Democrat, HD-16-ROC
Representative - Sherry Frost
Democrat, HD-16-STR
Representative - Timothy Josephson
Democrat, HD-11-GRA
Representative - Charlotte DiLorenzo
Democrat, HD-17-ROC
Representative - Larry Gagne
Republican, HD-13-HIL
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