New York - - Has your state passed any recent criminal justice data legislation?

New York

None of the major sources of criminal justice data are publicly available via New York public records laws. Requests for data for research purposes require agency participation and approval.

S.1830-C/A.10609: Police Statistics and Transparency Act


Known as the Police Statistics and Transparency Act (or STATS Act), S.1830-C/A.10609 is aimed at reforming criminal justice and policing systems in the state of New York. As such, this bill requires courts to compile and publish data on misdemeanor offenses in all courts, disaggregated by county. These data include, but are not limited to, compiling information on misdemeanor and violations charges, by indictment or complaint, race, age, sex of individual charges, demographic information, disposition, etc. Pursuant to this bill, data collected are to be made publicly accessible via online and updated on a monthly basis. Notably, this bill also requires police departments across the state to report any arrest-related death directly to the Department of Criminal Justice Services. Police departments will also be required to submit an annual report on all arrest-related deaths to the Governor and the Legislature.

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SB 4976: The Earned Amnesty Act of 2017


Senate Bill 4976 established the Earned Amnesty Act of 2017. This authorized, upon petition, the expungement of certain convictions after 10 years. Accordingly, the criminal procedure law was amended to include any individual who had been previously convicted of an offense under the laws of New York state and who had not been convicted of any prior or subsequent offense and completed terms (i.e., probation, parole, paid fines or restitution ordered) would be eligible for expungement.

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