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Bulk court and criminal history information may be obtaind, absent certain identifiers, while access to bulk corrections records is impeded by traditional public records requst rules.

HR 619


HR 619 directed the Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to collect data relating to funding and caseload information of indigent criminal defense. Pursuant to HR 619, data collected is to be assessed to ensure Pennsylvania’s indigent criminal defense system is operating in an effective and ethical manner. As such, funding and size of caseloads of county-based public defenders, federal public defenders appearing in state court, court-appointed counsel and private representation provided at a reduced or pro-bono rate will be collected. In accordance, the LBFC will determine caseloads for indigent criminal defense (e.g., misdemeanors, felonies, jury trial, bench trial, disposition, etc), as supported by each source of funding, on an annual basis. The LBFC will be required to report findings to the governor, the judiciary committee of the senate and the judiciary committee of the house of representatives.

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